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Therapeutic grade oils are distilled slowly and carefully in order to maintain the maximum essential elements. The live plants selected for distillation are organic or wild, exceptionally healthy, and harvested at the peak of their potency. In a laboratory, each batch of oil is tested, and certified to meet standards for purity and botanical composition. Traditionally, certain healing properties have been associated with particular essential oils. To obtain these traditional benefits, you must use only the purest essential oils, and use them when they are still fresh and alive. 

Therapeutic essential oils and sesame oil have far more benefits than simply smelling lovely. When used correctly, therapeutic essential oils and sesame oil have the ability to help your body fight various conditions, boost your immune system and provide pain relief. If you currently use oils to scent your home, it’s possible that you’re using therapeutic essential oils without even realizing the side benefits you are gaining from their use. 

Therapeutic essential oils should be extracted by non-toxic means, and bottled in their undiluted form. If a retailer is unable to tell you whether or not the essential oils they sell are of a therapeutic grade, then look elsewhere for your therapeutic essential oils. 

True therapeutic essential oils including sesame oil will be anti-viral and anti-bacterial at a minimum, though many have other properties as well, which is why they are so versatile. Most anti-biotics can treat only one thing, or one group of viruses. Therapeutic essential oils have the ability to help treat many conditions, and are completely natural.

Bulk Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils/ Young Living Essential Oils
Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus Globulus
Geranium Oil
Pelargonium Odorantissium
Ginger Oil
Zingiber Officinale
Jasmine Absolute Oil
Jasminum Officinale
Juniperberry Oil
Juniperus Communis
Lemon Oil
Citrus Limonum

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