Natural Traditional Indian Attars

Natural Traditional Indian Attars/ Perfume Oil

Attar is the name given to the fragrant oils made from the extracts of flowers, herbs, woods, etc.. It is the purest nonalcoholic fragrances and the most lasting perfumes in the world .The great land of India provides us with abundant sources of wonderful fragrances that can invoke deep feelings of joy, excitement and serenity within us all. Every soul is stirred by a variety of fragrances, may it be the fresh green note of the forest after a shower, the early morning scent of the earth, or the ever present odors of the magnifiscent flowers of India. Each of the fragrances are a work of art. Some blends mimic the naturally occuring fragrances such as Rose, Jasmine, or Sandalwood, while other fragrances are individual works of art, a beautiful creation of the perfumer. Our Indian Attars are absolutely divine! Immerse into the world of truly fine fragrances.

NATURAL INDIAN ATTARS A true attar is perfume oil made from flower petals distilled in water using low heat and pressure. Some attars also contain exotic woods, spices and resins. Over several weeks, the steam containing the fragrance oils is collected into a container of mild sandalwood oil. There, the oils blend together until the sandalwood is completely saturated with the fragrance of the flowers. In the art of perfumery, sandalwood oil is used as a 'base', or 'fixative'. It binds with the molecules of the fragrance oils and allows their subtleties to develop and last longer than if the flower oil was worn by itself. There is alchemy at work here! Like a fine wine, a true, sandalwood-based attar actually improves with age. You cannot find a more natural perfume than a true attar. 
Organic Non Alcoholic Pure Natural Indian Attars
Honey Suckle Attar
Lonicara, Hybrid
Indian Kadamb Attar
Anthocephalus Cadamba
Indian Lotus Attar
Nelumbo nucifera
Islamic Bakhur Attar
Melaleuca Alternifolia
Jasmine Attar
Jasmine officinale
Jasmine Grandiflorum Attar
Jasmine Sambacum

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