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Hydrosol means 'water solution'. Also known as 'hydrolats, floral waters & plant waters'. A hydrosol is the by product of steam - or - hydro distillation of plant material used for essential oils. 

The best option for treating skin: 
* Usually compresses of the straight hydrosol or 
* a strong dilution of 50 - 70 % and cool spring water 
* Shampoos can be diluted by 50% with hydrosol. 
* Conditioners can be diluted by 30% or more. 
* A valuable addition to your home spa regimen. 

For those of you who know me, for many years I have resisted selling Hydrosols / Floral Waters. However, due to the overwhelming requests, especially for Rose Hydrosol, SunRose is now offering these lovely materials. 

Steam and Hydro Distillation 
Steam distillation, the most common method of essential oil production, involves the flow of steam into a chamber holding the raw plant material. The steam causes small sacs containing essential oil to burst. The oil is then carried by the steam out of the chamber and into a chilled condenser, where the steam once again becomes water. (Hydro-distillation is a similar process where the plant material is boiled, with the resultant steam being captured and condensed). The oil and water are then separated; the water, referred to as a 'hydrosol', can be retained as it will have some of the plant essence. Rose hydrosol, for example, is commonly used for it's mild antiseptic and soothing properties, as well as it's pleasing floral aroma. 
Pure Natural Organic Hydro Distilled Floral Waters INDIA
Mitti (Baked Earth)
Baked Earth
Sandalwood Floral Water
Santulum Album
Khus Oil
Champa Oil
Magnolia champaca
Saffron-Kesar-Zafran Oil
Crocus sativus
Juniperberry Oil
Juniperus communis
Hedychium Oil
Hedychium Spicatum

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